Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Working Mom (& Mother's Day Recap)

I have a big announcement:

I got a job!

More on that in a sec.. here's pics and a quick recap of our Mother's Day weekend.
Grandma gifts from Jackson!
I attended a Mom's Night Out Canvas & Cocktails party and brought my signature mini fruit pizzas--they were a hit!
My (unfinished) canvas.. and cocktail.
On Saturday we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my family, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Rolf, and dear friend Diane. Below are a few failed food/cheesecake shots (we shared 3 different kinds--so good!).
My handsome boy before Mother's Day mass.
My parents surprised me with the beautiful calla lilies (my favorite!) for my first Mother's Day!
Mother's Day lunch at my parents.
Jax, Dad & Papa Tony watching the Rockies game.
Lunch! Mom made a spiral ham, salad, & twice baked potatoes and I brought my favorite pineapple stuffing.
Brandon and I also brought a cake from our favorite cakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes.
My mom (center) and her BFFs.
I thank God every minute of every day for giving me this little boy.
We had a perfect Mother's Day weekend and I pray that you and all of the special women in your life had one too! 

Onto my big news..

..I got a job! 

I was offered a job doing the marketing and writing for my hometown museum and I couldn't be more excited! I worked many a summer at the museum so it (and all the people associated with it) holds a special place in my heart. My job title entails social media marketing & management, promotions, and writing for weekly newspaper articles; the hours are great (I choose my own), I get to wear pajamas to work (since I work from home) and, most importantly, I get to stay home and raise my son.

Dream job?

Umm, yeah.

God is good!!

With all of that being said, my posts on here are going to be even more sporadic than usual as I get into the groove of work so please bear with me for a couple of weeks.. I'm also working on another business venture that I will share with you *hopefully* this summer.

Stay tuned!


  1. That is awesome news about the job! Congrats!
    Also, all that food you posted looks SO GOOD.

  2. Thanks girl, I'm so excited!!! Ugh, it was all way too good.. Wouldn't it be great to have the funds to eat cheesecake every single day (and to not worry about all the calories, fat, and sugar)?!

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