Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Burger Saturday²

Oh hey there.

I have a second to blog.

This never happens anymore.

These last two Burger Saturday's (BS) have been some of the best and I decided I needed to share these gems with you, my friends.

Let's BS.

Part I

Two Saturday's ago, Brandon, Jackson, and I ventured downtown to My Brother's Bar to sample the fare.. and it was a more than fair fare. My Brother's Bar is Denver's oldest running bar with a rich history, quirky wait staff, laid back atmosphere, and mean hamburger (more on that in a sec).
My Brother's Bar welcomes guests both big and small--they gave us a balloon to entertain Jax with (we tied it to his car seat and he was intrigued the entire time)!
Brandon, Baby, & Burgers.. 3 of my favorite things!
After ordering off the giant menu on the wall, my boys and I gabbed, people watched, and enjoyed the faint sounds of classical music. Our burgers arrived shortly after with their own little condiments box (pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, etc.) and Brandon and I chowed down. They. were. delish.
I had a regular old cheeseburger with a side salad and Brandon had the double with fries.
The beef was seasoned to perfection. 

The buns were soft, warm, and buttery. 

The vegetables were all fresh and crisp (and they gave me a squeeze bottle of ranch for my salad which was awesome). 

Brandon decided this was his favorite burger thus far and I agreed. The food is all priced right, the atmosphere is fun.. it's a win/win kind of place! We will be back!!

 Part II

Last Saturday my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rolf came over to get our key and instructions for taking care of Bitsy (they are watching the place and cat sitting for us while we're on vacation--such a load off our minds! Thanks again, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Rolf!). After going through the short spiel about where Bits' food is, we headed up to Boulder to have lunch and to wander the Pearl Street Mall. 

For lunch, we checked out the Pearl Street Pub & Cellar (Nancy and Rolf have been there several times and have had nothing but good things to say about the food)--they obviously have an excellent taste in food because the burgers and fries were outstanding! 

The fries were seriously incredible; probably my favorite so far! I wasn't a big fan of the burger but that was my own stupid fault (do you ever think you like something but then try it again and realize you don't.. that's how I am with Swiss cheese.. I always think I'm going to like it, take a bite, and then remember I'm not a fan)--everyone else loved their burgers though and Brandon said this burger was in a tie for first (w/My Brother's Bar)! 

Atmosphere wise, the Pearl Street Pub has been my favorite: it's a dive with sports on the tube, friendly (and funny!) bartender & cook, and cold PBRs in a bottle. The whole bar was just laid back and fun--we will definitely be back! 

**By the way, the sign on the door says that only 21 and older are permitted, but the bartender was really cool and friendly and let us bring Jax in! Jax was perfect the entire time too and just jabbered and played--it was a good day to BS!**
Sleepy boy on the drive to Boulder.

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