Friday, June 27, 2014

Jackson's 1st Haircut

ICYMI: Here's Part 1 (The Great Tornado of 2014), Part 2 (Les Mis(souri) and the Prettiest Wedding Ever), and Part 3 (Handsome Branson) of our vacation.

We left Branson early Wednesday morning and headed west to visit family and to get Jackson's first haircut! As expected, the 4 hour drive from Branson to SE Kansas turned into 5 1/2 hours.. but we made it and the world was good. Shortly after arriving at my Uncle Denny & Aunt Jean's house, we headed to my uncle's barber shop for Jax's first trim.
(Before) My 5 1/2  month old's post bath hair.
My Uncle Denny has been a barber for over 45 years and does all the kids' first haircuts--I'm so glad that he was able to do Jax's, too!
Audience :)
"Whatcha trying to do, Great Uncle Denny?"

Jackson was perfect (see videos below). 

He didn't flinch. 

He didn't cry. 

He just happily sat there and looked around. 

I've been told by multiple sources that I cried and screamed through my entire first haircut.. I'm so glad that Jax takes more after his dad than he does me! 
Same barber, same shop.
Jackson with his Great Aunt Jean & Grammy.
Cousin Evelyn is so fun!!
One interesting comment that my uncle made about Jackson's hair is that he has the worst crowns he's seen in his 45 years behind the chair (he has two gnarly, side-by-side crowns on the top of his head). However, it sounds like its a fairly easy fix; he just needs to either wear his hair longer or really short.

Leave it to Brandon (with his thick, full head of hair) and me (with my fine, limp, and wavy in all the wrong places hair) to create a baby with mutant hair.

Short (& Sweet) Videos:

After Jackson's haircut: 
  • My uncle trimmed both Brandon's and Joey's hair.
  • We met my cousin Vici and her boyfriend back at the house and visited before heading to dinner.
  • Dinner at a delicious fried chicken restaurant.
  • Back to the house for more visiting and marbles (which I slept through--Jax and I were spent!). 
  • Slept like babies. 
  • Bid my parents and brother farewell as they headed home.
  • Ate breakfast, visited with Aunt Jean, and played with Jax.
  • Hit the road for our next adventure.
We had a wonderful visit with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins but the time went by waaaaay too quickly. Mom, Jax, and I are planning another trip to KS later this summer to visit everyone again so I'm looking forward to seeing them and other members of the family. 

Have a fab weekend, y'all! See ya back here on Monday!

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  1. That's so sweet that your uncle was able to do Jax's haircut too!


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