Monday, June 30, 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care

It's officially summer..

..I chopped off my hair!
My cut is an A-Line Bob (I have a random line on my neck that's sole purpose is a haircut reference point--I always have it cut to there).
I'm not a hair person whatsoever.

I can't use a curling iron, I don't own a curling iron, I can't do an up do (besides my sweet signature side ponytail), etc.

With that being said, I always opt for the easy, blow dry and go styles.

This happens twice a year; once in January and once in the summer.

Last year, I made it to late August.

This year, June.

Anyway, I'm loving my new do and am enjoying the fact that it's too short to really style.

Short hair.. really don't care!

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