Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Food Bonanza

Well, it finally happened.

Jackson turned 6 months old and continues to get older and older (against his mama's wishes)..

..psh, kids.

Jax's doctor told us at his 4-month well check that we could start him on solids whenever but I just wasn't ready for that he just didn't seem ready at that point; he'd been thriving on a diet of breast milk alone so solids didn't seem necessary. Anyway, I'd decided that 6-months seemed like a good time to start him on purees, so that's when we began.

These past few weeks have definitely been an adventure.. a messy, messy adventure.
Mmm.. pureed carrots (and on an unrelated note, whoever came up with the idea of dividing up/storing baby food in ice cube trays is a freaking genius)!
I decided right off the bat that I wanted to make Jax's food because:
  1. Pre-made baby food is expensive and I am cheap.
  2. I have control over what goes into his food--the pureed carrots are straight up organic carrots and water (no added salt, sugars, artificial enhancers, etc.).
  3. The foods are kind of fun to make! Upon the suggestion of another mamma (the fabulous Ruthie Hart), I have been using Wholesome Baby Food for recipes and tips--it's so simple, convenient, and so far I'm loving it!
What does Jax think of solid foods, you ask?
(Clockwise from top right: Banana, pretzel, Organic Greek yogurt)
Loves: Banana, Greek yogurt, salt off pretzels, pickles
Meh: Carrots, Greek yogurt w/carrot mixed in
Hates: Sweet peas, organic green beans, watermelon

So yeah... we're not off to the best start in the healthy green vegetable department (he must take after his dad?) but we're working on it! Jax enjoys "helping" me feed him (refer to picture of him w/Greek yogurt) and thinks he's such a big boy eating solids. I'm looking forward to continuing on this exciting new journey with my little guy.. I just wish the time wasn't going by so dang quickly! 

What foods did you start your baby on? Any tips for this first timer? I need all the help I can get!

P.S. We need a high chair. Pronto. Off to Target I go! 

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  1. As a baby Quinn loved avocado and sweet potato. Best part is you don't even really have to use a blender for either.


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