Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My "Little" Brother is 21..

Today my brother turns 21.


Joey is one of my best friends and is the funniest person I know--he can make me laugh more than anyone else (yes, there is somebody else out there who has the same sense of humor as me!) and we always have a fun time whenever we're together. I'm so blessed to have Joey for a brother and am so happy that Jax gets to have him as an uncle.

Happy Birthday, Broseph!! Can't wait to help you celebrate tonight (I'm the DD.. but still)!

While searching through old Joey pictures, I came across a few photos from my 21st birthday that I just have to share. Brandon had just returned home from Afghanistan and took me to Wichita for the weekend--it was a lot of fun but I could never again do that to my liver. Here are a few pics from my old "glam" (ha) days.
Brandon just informed me that my first legal drink was a Crown & peach.. I have no idea how he remembered that because I sure didn't.

1 comment:

  1. My first drink was a pomegranate-tini at Sumo's it was YUMMY.


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