Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cat or Baby?

I'm very excited to announce a new feature here at Annie One Can Cook..

It's an interactive game!

What's this game, you ask?
Mad Photoshop Skillz.
Here's how you play "Cat or Baby": I'll mention a real life scenario that has happened in the Sandmeier home over the last week and you guess whether I'm talking about Bitsy or Jackson. The answers will be listed at the bottom.

Let's play!

1.) Has to go to the doctor (or vet--you decide) later this morning for a painful tooth that popped up.
2.) Was "backed up" all day Sunday, finally went on Monday, and basically kept going for an entire day:
3.) Threw up everywhere after we arrived home from parents on Sunday:
4.) Got into my purse, found a receipt, and ate it:
5.) Found a magazine on the bed and chewed off one of the corners:
 6.) Freaks out every time the Wyoming Tourism commercial comes on:
(Original Photo Source)
7.) Is extra grumpy this week because of pesky teeth:

1.) Cat (she has a weird snaggle tooth poking out of her mouth that seems to be causing her pain)
2.) Baby (not able to poop=grumpy baby)
3.) Cat
4.) Baby (I'm now zipping up my purse whenever it's not in use)
5.) Baby (I looked away for literally 5 seconds!)
6.) Baby (he will literally stop whatever he's doing when he hears the song)

7.) Trick question; the answer is BOTH!

That basically sums up our week.. how'd you do?! 

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