Monday, August 18, 2014

This or That with Taush.O (and a Fabulous Giveaway!)

It's Monday..

..which means vacation is over and it's time to go and get back into the swing of things..


We've had a wonderful time with family in Kansas but it'll definitely be nice to get home to Brandon & Bitsy--we've sure missed them! I'll hopefully have a photo recap up here tomorrow or Wednesday.. so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have some exciting news--we have a giveaway and super fun post today!!

Today my friend Tausha from Taush.O (if you don't know this girl, you're going to want to change that--love her, her sweet little girl, and her blog! It's one of my daily reads!) and I are playing "This or That" and are giving YOU awesome readers a fabulous giveaway with a few of our favorite things.

Read on!
1.) Boy band or Big Band?
Annie: Big Band (I'm an old soul!)
Tausha: Boy band all the way.....I'm top 40's charts all the way!

2.) Sweet or salty?
Annie: Sweet
Tausha: Sweet!

3.) Gossip or Home Improvement Magazines?
Annie: Ooh, toughy.. I gotta go with Home on this one (Country Living is my jam!)
Tausha: Home Improvement, although I get mad when I can't pin something I like!

4.) Tea or Coffee?
Annie: Normally tea.. but lately gourmet coffee (more caffeine=more upbeat mamma)
Tausha: Coffee. All.The.Way

5.) Beer, Wine, or Cocktail?
Annie: PJ (Pre-Jackson) days, my answer would have been whiskey and diet coke.. today, it's wine (one glass does me in!).
 Tausha: All of the above. Kidding. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm not an alcoholic.

6.) Email or Snail Mail?
Annie: Snail. 
Tausha. Snail - so much more personal!

7.) Movie or Book?
Annie: Book (when I can find the time to read!)
Tausha: Movie!

8.) Mexican or Italian food?
Annie: Mexican
Tausha: Mexican

9.) Cupcakes or Ice Cream?
Annie: Cupcakes 
Tausha: Ice cream!

10.) iPhone or Android?
Annie: iPhone
Tausha: iPhone - all day err'day!

11.) Harry Potter or Twilight?
Annie: Would you believe me if I told you that I've never read or seen either of these? With that being said, I'll go Twilight?
Tausha: Twilight. Obsessed - and proud of it!

12.) Manicure or Pedicure?
Annie: Pedi (my mani gets picked/chewed off within minutes)
Tausha: Pedicure, my manicures (unless gel) only last a day!

13.) Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth
Annie: Bradley Cooper.
Tausha: Both. Kidding. Chris Hemsworth

14.) Vanilla or Chocolate?
Annie: Chocolate!
Tausha: Vanilla! (With toppings of course!)

15.) Hot or Cold weather?
Annie: Cold (LOVE Christmas, snow, and scarves!)
Tausha: Hot, any day!

16.) Dog or Cat?
Annie: My answer used to be dog.. but now it's cat (I have Bitsy to thank for that)
Tausha: Dog! I love my puppy Dex!
17.) Drive or Fly?
Annie: Fly!
Tausha: Fly! I used to love to drive, EVERYTHING changes with a kid! Get me from A to B the fastest way possible!

18.) Silver or Gold?
Annie: Silver.
Tausha: Silver

19.)  Facebook or Instagram?
Annie: Instagram!
Tausha: Never make me choose! Okay, Instagram. 

20.) Target or Ikea?
Annie: Target (I had a really, really, really bad Ikea experience.. that story is for another time)
Tausha: Target

Now that you know basically everything there is to know about Tausha & me, it's time to give you a fun and fabulous giveaway! And what are we giving away? A few of our very favorite things! I'll be giving one lucky winner my favorite hazelnut gourmet coffee, dark chocolate, and homemade bar of goat soap (this stuff smells/feels like heaven, y'all); Tausha will be giving away (not one, not two, but) THREE fabulous fall colored Essie nail polishes.

Are you ready?!

Good luck!


  1. I MIGHT have to disown you over the HP/Twilight one. However, if we're talking Coke vs Pepsi, I'll usually go Coke. Especially if it's from a fountain, I really don't like Pepsi from a fountain, otherwise I don't really care.

  2. You haven't read/seen Harry Potter or Twilight!!?? Oh girl. What am I going to do with you? LOL

  3. Diet Coke all the way. I can deal with Pepsi if I have too. But I much rather have Coke. :)


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