Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jackson's 10 Month Update

Our (not so) little baby entered into the double digit months on the 22nd and continues to grow, learn, and amaze us every single day!

Words cannot describe just how much I love being this little guy's mom--it truly is the greatest job in the world and I can't remember life before this sweet, happy, smart, and healthy little boy!

Here's what we've been up to this month:
Gone are the days when he'd cooperate for pictures..
Weight: 18 lbs

Length: 29 inches

Nicknames: Jax, Bubbas, Baby, Jacksie, Get Down From There, No No Jax

Wearing: Some 9 month still fit but mostly 12 month; size 3 diapers

Sleep: Still co-sleeping; still sleeping well (9-11 hours per night, 2-3 hour nap every afternoon).. BUT he did nap in his crib for about a half hour the other day! #babysteps

Jax likes: Big boy baths, his new house, flirting with girls (oy), shopping, interacting with others, dancing, jabbering, going for long walks, The Andy Griffith Show, Elmo, Grammy & Papa, eating big boy foods, cuddling with mommy, when daddy comes home from work, animals, pushing buttons, pulling himself up onto things, showing off, other kids, Christmas lights, giving/getting kisses, peek-a-boo

Jax dislikes: Hitting his head on the floor, strangers, being overly tired, having to wake up early

Food: Jackson is an awesome eater and is FINALLY grasping the "chew and swallow" concept a little more--his favorite foods right now are chicken, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, green beans, cookies (or anything with sugar), bread, peanut butter, Snap pea crisps, & bananas.

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: Those big eyes, all that hair, his funny personality, and how social & curious he is.

Teeth: We have FOUR teeth, people!! As soon as that first one popped up, the others quickly followed--right now, all of his teeth are on the bottom but his Dr. said his top gums are extremely swollen so we should be seeing more very soon (poor baby!!).

Happenings: Several visits with Grammy & Papa; lunch with "Uncle" Kelly; first parade (homecoming parade in mommy's hometown); closed on our first home; several visits with Great Great Aunt Millie; House Hunters; moved from apartment to new house.

~I've started taking Jax out on weekly "Mommy & Me" lunch dates where we share lunch and just "talk" and interact (I make a point not to get my phone out at all.. well, except to take cute pictures)--it's becoming the highlight of my week and I hope it's something we can continue as he gets older!

~Jax's schedule has been all messed up this month with moving and filming but he has been an absolute rock star! On moving day (pictured), he took little naps in the car and hardly made a fuss all day! On filming days, he was really good for my mom too and enjoyed getting to play with and nap on his Grammy.

~This is basically the equivalent of a Sasquatch picture.. this kid does NOT like anyone seeing his teeth so it's a rare sighting! How cute are his perfect little teeth?!

~Jackson is SO smart (says the unbiased mother) and understands several words (Where's Dad, Mommy, Eat, Nose, Stinky, Nap, Yay/Clap, Elmo) and even mimics certain words/sounds.. watch out world; it won't be long before he's talking!

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