Monday, November 17, 2014

Area 51

I think it's safe to say that my dad had a wonderful 51st birthday weekend.

Jackson and I came to my parents on Thursday afternoon and helped kick off birthday weekend with gifts and candy (fun fact: we gave my dad 2 pounds of fun size chocolate bars, my brother gave him a bag of fun size Snickers, and my mom gave him two half pound Reese's PB Cups--wonder where I get my sweet tooth?). On Friday, Jackson and I met with my boss for a quick morning meeting, drove with my mom to my dad's hometown for a birthday dinner with family, and came home shortly before Brandon arrived (he came out after work). Saturday was cold and snowy and mostly consisted of relaxing, overeating, card games, and a little alone time with my hubs. 

Despite having a bad cold, Jackson had a good time too helping his grandpa celebrate, playing* with Grammy's cat, and getting lots of attention from everyone!
Jax is obsessed with his Uncle Joey--it's so funny!! He loves sitting with him and giving him lots of kisses!
Poor sick baby :(
Happy Birthday, Dad!! We love you!

*Playing=crawling after at fast speeds, yelling at, and overall tormenting poor Smokey.

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