Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Jackson Lee!

**I've decided to make a book out of all my blog posts to one day give to Jax--that being said, please stand by for a sappy post that Jackson will one day read and roll his eyes at.**

Today is my (not so) baby boy's first birthday..

..where has the year gone?

We had a wonderful time celebrating our Jackson Lee on Saturday with lots of great family & friends (details + pictures coming soon!)--Brandon, Jackson, and I are all so blessed to have such good people in our lives!

To My Baby Jackson: You don't know this, but every time I hold you in my arms, I pray for you.

I pray to and thank God for giving you to your dad and me--our hearts have never been so full and we never knew we could love somebody so much that we've only known for a short time.

I pray for the time to slow down.. I know that's silly and that it won't happen (no matter how hard I pray) but I never want these precious moments with you to end.

I pray that you never lose that twinkle in your big, bright eyes; that look of curiosity, wonder, and mischief that we've come to know and love.

I pray that you make the world a better place; that you continue to be outgoing and friendly (you LOVE being the center of attention and squeal with delight every time you see another little kid) and that you always help those who can't help themselves.

One day, you will grow up to become a man and I pray that you take after your daddy and that you're a hard worker who is respectful of others and takes pride in everything you do.

I pray that you'll always be faithful to God and true to yourself; it's a scary world out there and I pray for you to be strong, kind, and steadfast in what you believe.

I pray for you to always have a sense of humor and that you learn to see the light side of even the darkest of situations.

But most of all, my sweet Baby Jax: I pray that you'll always know you're special and loved so much. God made you you for a reason and that's all you need to remember and keep close in your heart.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

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