Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The title basically sums up this post.. Thursday was Jax's first Thanksgiving and I have bronchitis.

Let's start from the beginning though:

As I mentioned last week, Jackson has been fighting a nasty bug that turned out to be a sinus infection & pink eye (how does he keep getting pink eye?! I've NEVER had pink eye in my life and he's already had it twice!)--after getting him on an antibiotic and prescription eye drops, things began to look better.
When you're this cute and don't feel well, you get a cookie (we were killing time waiting for his prescriptions).
On Wednesday, I did a bunch of early Thanksgiving prep and we had the house professionally cleaned (thank you, Groupon!) and everything was fine and dandy in the world of Annie; until Wednesday evening when I began to feel a little funny.. I figured it was just allergies or a bit of a cold and just wrote it off, took a Benadryl, and went to bed.

Thursday morning rolled around and I was feeling pretty good and hopped out of bed, baked my pies, waited for my parents to arrive, and kissed Brandon goodbye as he headed to work (again, don't feel too bad for B--his company catered a feast and he basically ate, watched Netflix, and made double time and a half). It wasn't long before I started feeling crappy again so I laid down with Mr. Jackson and took a little snooze.. when I woke up, I felt great and ready to get on with the day!
My Dad and Uncle Rolf both got the same shirt for Christmas last year and both wore it on Thanksgiving (they claim it was unintentional but I'm not so sure.. :)
Everyone (miraculously) fit into our small dining room!

My Aunt, Uncle, and friends of the family all arrived a little after 3 and we all sat around visiting, eating yummy appetizers, and giving Jackson lots of attention--but as the day went on, I began feeling worse.. and worse.. and worse.. After we finished eating our Thanksgiving dinner, I threw on a pair of sweats and drifted in and out of an achy/miserable sleep on the couch. #besthostessever

On Friday morning, my mom convinced me I needed to see a doctor so she, Jackson, and I went to the Little Clinic at King Soopers in hopes of getting in and out with a prescription.

We waited 2 1/2 stinking hours to see the physicians assistant :/
Feverish Mommy and Jackson killing time at the Starbucks
The PA diagnosed me with bronchitis (which I ALWAYS end up getting) and a sinus infection and sent me home with an inhaler and nose spray.. I'm still battling the bug and am having a hard time sleeping at night but I'm feeling better everyday. 

More importantly, Jackson is doing MUCH better (minus a little bit of diaper rash/diarrhea from his Amoxicillin) so hopefully the Sandmeier home will be germ/sickness free in the next couple of days! I hope you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving weekend!!

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  1. He is so cute! I'm so glad he's feeling better.


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