Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrifty Thursday (Christmas Sweater Edition)

I finally did it! I bought new Christmas sweaters for Brandon and me!


Brandon and I have been wearing the same Christmas sweaters the last three Christmases and came to the unanimous decision that it was time for a change.. so off to the thrift store Jackson & I went!

I decided that a special occasion like Christmas called for a trip to my all-time favorite thrift store--so Jax and I made the trek to west Denver to check out my beloved Habitat for Humanity ReStore..

..and it didn't disappoint!
A Christmas nod to Edward Snowden? I don't get it but I'm definitely wearing it to Jackson's Winter One-derland party on Saturday! P.S. Whoever owned this gem before me must have smoked 7 packs a day.. I've washed it twice already and it still reeks! Does anyone have a trick for getting smoke out of clothes?
Brandon's new beauty (it's a Women's XL which makes it even more hilarious).
I plan to rock this Christmas morning with some obnoxious leggings.
Everything Christmas was 1/2 off ReStore so I walked out of there with three sweaters and a couple of Christmas mugs (for Jax's hot chocolate bar) for $3.88.


I love thrifting!

Have you found the perfect Christmas sweater at your favorite thrift store?

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