Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2 Year Anniversary Recap

Okay, before I begin gushing about our wedding anniversary weekend, I must apologize; I promised you all on Monday that I'd have my recap post up and ready yesterday but I didn't.. I know you all must have been sitting on the edge of your seats pressing refresh over and over again waiting for pictures and stories to appear so I'm very sorry.

*Crickets chirping*

Oh, you didn't even notice? Oh.. okay then.

Anyway, we had one of those perfect weekends that you never want to end--in fact, every time I scroll through the pictures on my phone, I get the biggest smile on my face! It snowed all day Saturday so we didn't leave the house at all (with the exception of Brandon getting his hair cut), ordered pizza for dinner, and watched movies in bed. It was pure perfection.

Sunday was when the anniversary train rolled into motion.

Brandon and I dropped Jackson off at my aunt & uncle's house mid afternoon on Sunday and headed out for our anniversary date. On our way to the Cherry Cricket (best fries in Denver, btw), Brandon gave me the best surprise ever--he was taking Monday off so we could take Jax downtown to celebrate our anniversary as a family! Best. Gift. Ever!! But first, it was time for just us to celebrate our anniversary as husband and wife--so after pigging out on burgers, fries, and beer at the Cherry Cricket, we trekked on over to the Pepsi Center to take in an Avs game (which was one of my Christmas gifts to Brandon). 
If you're ever in Denver, you MUST go to either an Avalanche or Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center--it' so much fun!
Munchkin head didn't seem to mind us being gone--he had lots of fun playing at Aunt Nancy's (Uncle Rolf even made him cookies)!
After watching the Avs lose (booooooo!) and eating an entire bag of kettle corn by myself, we picked up our Jackson and came home to take baths/showers and hit the hay.

On Monday morning, we all stayed in bed until about 10:30, quickly got ready, and headed to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. When we arrived, we couldn't find a parking spot anywhere because it was a (unbeknownst to us) free day so we were about to give up all hope and head to the zoo next door when we found a spot right out front. It was fate. We had such a blast at the Museum (free admission made it that much better!) and stayed for almost 3 hours before it was time to get sleepy mom baby home for a nap. We picked up some burgers and nachos from Carl's Jr./Green Burrito on the way home, pigged out again, and then all proceeded to vedge/nap/do absolutely nothing the rest of the day.
The DMNS has an awesome new discovery zone for kids with water tables, fossils to dig (pictured), things to climb, etc.--we could have stayed there all day!
It's hard to see in this picture but Jackson and I were wearing matching stripes.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect anniversary weekend and I couldn't love my life more than I do! Thank you all so much for the anniversary calls, cards, texts, and messages--you all bless our socks off! In other anniversary news, I gifted Brandon new Egyptian cotton sheets for our cotton anniversary (get it?) and he got me a selfie stick.

Brandon wins.

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