Tuesday, January 27, 2015

To Be a Kid Again..

Being a mom is hard work..

..way, way harder than I had ever expected.

The sleepless nights, frequent tantrums, picky eating, constant messes, etc., take more of a toll on you than I had ever imagined.

But you know what?

For every piece of food that's thrown on the floor during a toddler tantrum, there's three sloppy kisses or a melt your heart gap toothed smile that makes your mother's heart grow even bigger.

And then there's moments like we experienced on Saturday where I get to relive parts of my childhood through our little boy.

We took a family trip to the WOW! Children's Museum in Lafayette and had the best time building shapes, climbing around the pirate ship, pushing all the buttons, and watching the look of excitement and wonder light up Jackson's face. It was such a perfect day that I never want to forget. As I mentioned last week, I loved my childhood and hope to give our son the same fun, carefree one that I was so blessed to have.

Oh to be a kid again.. I pray Jackson doesn't wish the time away and grow up too quickly!
Please stay little forever!!

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