Friday, February 13, 2015

B&A's BA Vegas Trip

What a week!! My teething toddler is taking an evening nap and I am finally able to sit down at my computer to catch up on work and blog.. it feels good to be back!

Brandon and I had an absolutely fabulous time in Las Vegas! We left early Saturday morning (we left for the airport a little before 6 for an 8am flight) and returned late Sunday night (our flight left at around 9pm and we didn't get home until 12:30.. waaaaay too late!) to an overly tired baby and Grammy.. more on that in a sec.

In the meantime, here's a few pictures and stories:
First night away from Jackson=extremely detailed notes for Grammy & Grandpa
Brandon and I both had a few leftover Starbucks gift cards from Christmas and decided to get our fix before leaving Denver--it turns out there is only one Starbucks at DIA and that it is hiding in the far corner of some obscure terminal. We had to hustle to get our fix but it was totally worth it (hence the Snap caption)!
Since we landed in Vegas a little before 9am (and because we couldn't check into our room until 3pm), we decided to check our bag in with the bellhop and do a little gambling. We figured that since Ellen seems like such a kind and generous person that I'd have tons of luck on her slot machine. Nope.. Ellen stole my money within seconds! Brandon was the big winner of the trip and won a whopping $10 on a penny slot (we maybe bet a total of $6 altogether.. we're very cheap, ha)!
We scored a sweet 2 for 1 Groupon to Pampas Brazilian Grille at Planet Hollywood -- it was amazing!! We ate our weight in delicious meats, salads, sides, and sipped on refreshing mojitos. Yum!
"Let's hold hands and act like we're really in love!"
"Why are my eyes closed?"
Typical Brandon & Annie..

After walking half the strip, eating too much food, and drinking too many beers, we decided to head to our room to take a nap (side note: definitely do the pre check in wherever you're staying--it's free and they'll give you your room keys ahead of time and text you your room number when it's ready! Super convenient and helps you skip the long check in line). We stayed at the Luxor because we're cheap and heard the slanted elevators were an experience all of their own.
View from our room -- it was definitely a great value (and overall a clean room) but both Brandon and I decided that we'd rather splurge a bit more next time and stay at a hotel that's a bit more central.
Headed to MGM for our show!
When Brandon and I got engaged, we started the tradition of seeing a Cirque du Soleil show whenever we vacationed--this time, we saw Ka and agreed that it was by far the best Cirque that we've seen. If you're looking to see a show while you're in Vegas, we highly, highly recommend it!
After Ka, we did a little bit of shopping and decided to grab a cab to take us to Fremont Street (mistake #1). $30 later, we arrived to an overly crowded, loud, and extremely raunchy Fremont (it makes the Strip look like Disney World in terms of family friendliness). We were both so exhausted from not sleeping much the night before, day drinking, and walking that we quickly made our rounds up the street, ordered some food at a diner, and hailed a cab to take us back. Another $30 later (yes--we're the idiots who took a taxi instead of the shuttle..), we were back at the Luxor. The rest of the night was spent staring at the TV and not moving. #wecanthang
After a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep, we decided to take in the buffet at Excalibur and once again eat our weight in (this time) delicious brunch foods. You guys: The Buffet at Excalibur is the best! $20 per person got us all kinds of delicious foods, desserts, coffee, and mimosas--the staff was also extremely friendly which is always a plus. We will return!
Yummy (and I'm not just talking about the food.. *awkward Annie wink*)
Double fisting it!
The rest of our day was spent going up and down the strip, a bit more gambling, and stopping by Harrah's so I could get this picture. Why did I have to have this picture, you ask?
This is why! My aunt and I took a picture with this statue when we went to Vegas for my 21st birthday and it's become somewhat of a tradition (also, can you spot the baby bump in that last picture?)! Also, can we talk about how much more conservatively I dress these days? Ha.
We ended up arriving at the airport 3 hours before our flight (our feet hurt soooooo badly from all the walking) and enjoyed just sitting, people watching, and playing Trivia Crack back and forth on our phones. Our flight ended up being delayed -- of course -- so we arrived home even later than we'd anticipated but were glad to be back! 

Since our flight was getting in so late, my dad had to go home earlier in the evening (for work the next day) so my mom watched Jax by herself. Poor teething boy (and poor grandparents) had a rough time.. we left before he woke up on Saturday morning so he was pretty confused but did well during the day. 

Nighttime was a different story..

My parents had a hard time getting him to go to sleep and my dad ended up driving around with him most of the night (Yes; I do have the best parents ever). My mom was miraculously able to get him to sleep in his crib on Sunday night and got a little rest herself while she waited for us to arrive. Jax ended up waking up at around 1:30am so my mom, Brandon, and I all went up to see him and he clung to me like barnacles on a boat--that kid was ready to nurse (as was I)!

Since we've returned, Jax has had a hard time sleeping in his crib (probably because he thinks we're going to up and leave again) but is getting better. We have a friend's wedding next month that we were hoping to attend without Jax but it sounds like he might be coming with us after all--and that's okay!

Baby steps, right? 

Overall, Brandon and I had a wonderful vacation! It was so nice to get away for a night as husband and wife and not worry about waking up for the baby, cutting up food into tiny pieces, changing diapers, etc. (though I must say I did still miss it and we talked a lot about our little munchkin on the trip). 

I can't wait for our next vacation!

Though I'm thinking next time we'll go somewhere where we can just lay on a beach and not walk.. at all.

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