Thursday, February 5, 2015

Guess Which Old Time Celebrity Jax Looks Like

Have I ever talked about how I plan to make a book out of all my blog posts to one day give to Jackson? It's one of my biggest reasons for blogging--so I'll always remember all the milestones, vacations, and little details. Well, today's post is none of the above and I'm sure Jax will one day read this and roll his eyes.

Sorry future Jax.

Anyway, I'm a total shutterbug when it comes to my little guy and sometimes I notice him resembling other people (namely old time celebrities). Today I am sharing one of these pictures with you and letting you guess which old celeb Jax looks like.


Rockies Game -- May 2014

Which old time celebrity does Jackson look like?

Any guesses?

Here's your clue:

That's right; my (then) 5-month-old looks like the late, great Tony Randall!

Sorry, Future Jax..

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