Monday, February 23, 2015

Jackson's 14 Month Update

Our little Fun Sized Brandon is now 14 months old and manages to get cuter, smarter, and ornerier (in a good way.. if that makes sense) every day! We're still waiting for him to start walking but I have a feeling it will happen any day now.. somebody please slow down the time!

Here's what our month looked like:
There's a story to go with this picture.. Yesterday Jax supervised while I made a few pre-made Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies (he was teething hardcore and I felt bad)--anyway, he stood on the step stool while I cut the dough and put it on the baking tray. At one point I was talking to Brandon and wasn't paying super close attention to the dough or to Jax and noticed one of the raw cookies was missing--Jax had snatched it up and stuffed it in his mouth while I wasn't looking (I was panicked that he'd wind up with salmonella but that fortunately didn't happen)! Then after the cookies were finished, Brandon watched Jax sneak off to the kitchen, move the step stool next to the window so he could see outside, notice the cookies, crawl back down, move the step stool next to the oven, and then climb up to steal another cookie. Do you see now why his nickname is Stinker??
Weight: 19.5 lbs. (taken on bathroom scale)

Length: 30 inches

Nicknames: Jax, Jacksie Boy, Stinks, Bubby, Baby

Wearing: 12 & 18 month clothes (18 month shirts fit pretty well but the pants are still way too long); Size 3 diapers

Sleep: He'll typically sleeps 3-4 hour stretches before waking us up to be reassured and nursed.. I'm hoping to have him completely weaned in the next two weeks. We usually bring him into bed with us at around 6 and he'll sleep another couple of hours.

Jax likes: His kitty, playing outside, going for walks, anything electronic, Elmo, crafts, playing with friends, showing off, riding in the big part of the grocery cart, pushing around his little shopping cart, snuggling, Facetime, going up and down the stairs, jabbering/answering questions, balloons, people watching, Costco, slides, markers, stickers, and doing the hand motions to songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, and If You're Happy & You Know It)

Jax dislikes: Having to sit still for too long, long car rides, sitting in the front part of the grocery cart, diaper changes/getting dressed, when mommy & daddy left him overnight (yep, kids gotta be weaned), having to wait for samples at Costco, and being told no

Food: Favorites are still Greek yogurt, tomatoes, chicken, oatmeal, Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, peanut butter, fries, dip of any kind, veggie straws, snap pea crisps, cheese, and anything sweet.. we're still working on overcoming this (hopefully) phase of picky eating.

Teeth: 4 teeth on bottom, 3 on top, and one about to pop through any day!

Happenings: Family day at the World of Wonder Museum; adopting Bella; lots of park days; first Heritage dinner; Grammy's birthday; lots of playing at the library; MOPS; dinner with Aunt Millie; staying with Grammy & Grandpa when mommy & daddy went to Vegas; second Valentines day; second Ash Wednesday/Lent; visits to Grammy & Grandpas; and several snow days. 

~I'm pretty sure that adopting Bella is one of the best decisions we've ever made! She and Jax absolutely LOVE each other and chase each other around the house and play together. Jackson loves his kitty and we couldn't have found a better one for him!

~Jackson is obsessed with commercials and it is hilarious! He will play during the show and then stop whatever he's doing and speed crawl into the room as soon as he hears a commercial. His favorites are the ones for Hep C, Quicken Loans HARP, and any type of term life insurance.

~Jax is getting to be quite the little helper and enjoys helping mommy clean and do laundry! He also likes helping dad fix and build things (he's always right by his side mimicking whatever Brandon does)! Speaking of mimicking..

..remember last month when I first mentioned his fake smile (that I'm pretty sure he picked up from me)? Well, the other day he was jabbering while we played and I kept asking him to say mamma and he'd respond "Dada?" No.. Mamma. After awhile, he started doing his fake smile and was saying "Dadadadadadadada" as if he was mocking me. Again, do you see why we call him stinker??

~Jackson has started to clasp his hands when we pray before each meal and it is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! Also new this month: Jax is fascinated by family pictures of any kind and likes to point at photos in books and on our gallery walls and have you tell him who everyone is (his favorite is our patriotic wall downstairs--we have service pictures of my Great-Grandpa, Grandpas, one of Brandon's Grandpa, and then one of Brandon. When we get to Brandon's picture, Jax gets the biggest smile and says "Dada!"). 

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