Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vegas Must Haves

My hubby and I leave for our fabulous Vegas vacation in a few short days and I am so, so, so excited! Eek!!

This will be the first baby less vacation we've taken since becoming parents so it's definitely going to be an adventure but I know everyone will have a great time (especially Jackson, who will be getting spoiled by his Grammy & Grandpa). I will definitely be sharing pictures and stories next week so stay tuned!

Anyway, as soon as I booked our flight and hotel last month, I began to mentally prepare a list of all the things I wanted to take to Vegas with me. I've been to Vegas several times over the last few years so I've become somewhat of an self proclaimed expert on what to pack/wear/do/etc.

Here's a list of my Top 4 Vegas must haves for this trip:
1.) White Jeans -- Don't ask me why but as soon as we booked our trip to Vegas, I decided that I HAD to wear my thrifted black top from The Loft with white jeans. The problem? I've never owned white jeans. I ended up picking up a pair from the juniors section at Walmart for $14 (side note: what is the cutoff age for shopping the juniors dept.?) and am excited to wear them! Also, I'm a complete rule breaker and don't buy into the whole "no white after Labor Day" thing. 
2.) Next Issue -- Why did nobody tell me that owning a tablet would change my life?! It's seriously my new favorite thing and I use it for work, FB stalking, blogging, and reading. Speaking of reading, the Next Issue app is seriously the jam. I decided to try the free 30 day trial (with every intention of canceling) but became hooked and kept it. My big thing these days are DIY and home decor magazines and this app has them all! I can't wait to indulge myself on the plane with my mags and a yummy bev from Starbucks. 
3.) Selfie Stick -- Brandon gifted me one as a joke for our anniversary. Well, the jokes on him because I love it and plan to snap a ton of selfies while we're in Vegas.
4.) Blue Nail Polish -- I feel like I need a dark and pretty color on our nails during vacation and this color is dreamy!

These are my Vegas must haves (believe me, my list would have been much, much longer if Jax was joining us)! What's on our vacation must have list?

I leave you today with pictures from Brandon's & my first (and last) trip to Vegas; March 2012:
 ^^ Babies. We were babies. ^^

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