Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"I Love You" Box

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I have the best in-laws EVER!

Jackson and I went to the library the other day to read and play and when we returned home, we were greeted by a package at the door. As soon as we opened it, I knew what a special gift it was; one that Jackson will cherish forever and pass down to his children.

Jackson's Great Great Uncle Dan & Aunt Paulette made him an "I Love You" Box.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of an I Love You Box (as I was), it's a box that's filled to the brim with pictures, stories, and special treasures from Jax's ancestors--it tells the history of our family and what makes us so unique.

Here's a few of the goodies that Dan & Paulette packed into Jackson's box:
A letter explaining the contents and concept of the box -- we're supposed to keep adding to it as time goes on and add momentos from my side of the family as well.
A thorough recap of last year's family reunion (that we unfortunately had to miss). Paulette also included the history of the family, where they came from and settled, etc. Brandon's side of the family has Schillings, Schmidtgals, Welchs, & Sandmeiers and my family has Wernsmans, Kastens, Locks, & Koepsels--Jackson comes from a long, long line of Germans!
Pictures of Martin Schilling's (1765) bible -- very cool! Paulette also included how Jax is related to Martin (Martin is Jackson's Great (x6)  Grandfather).
Old family photos -- I'm going to make copies of these to hang on our gallery wall!
The book on the left was written (& signed) by a distant relative and the book on the right tells of the experiences of immigrants at Ellis Island.
Isn't this the neatest gift?! Thank you SO much to Dan and Paulette for taking the time to compile such a cherished gift -- you warmed my heart on a cold Colorado day! I can't wait to continue adding to the box and to eventually (in the distant, distant future) make one for our grandchildren! 

What would you add to your "I Love You" box?

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