Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Party On, Garth!

On Saturday, Brandon and I had the opportunity to attend the Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood concert at the Pepsi Center and had the best time! Since I really only listen to 90s Alternative, I was worried about being the bump on a log attendee who didn't know any of the songs -- but it turns out that he wrote and performed basically every popular country song from the 1990s so I was able to sing along to most everything.. and when I couldn't sing, I danced!

It was so much fun!

My Aunt Nancy's awesome boss is actually friends with Garth (how cool is that?) and gave us our tickets-- the seats were fabulous and our entire group was up and moving the entire show! Side note: My aunt & uncle have actually gone to a party at Garth & Trisha's house in Nashville.. let the epic-ness of that sink in for just a minute.. 

My "little" Fedora wearing brother on the light rail ride to Pepsi.. this was his first concert! 
The fam -- my Aunt Judy and Cousin Angie came out from Kansas for the show! 
On the walk back to our car -- what a perfect night! 
It was such a fun and memorable day and I highly encourage everyone to attend a Garth concert -- he puts on an incredible show! 

Before I go, I have to share one last picture from earlier in the day on Saturday. We all went to lunch at Homegrown Tap & Dough on Old South Gaylord and Jax was eating up all of the attention.. thank you again to my parents for watching our little munchkin boy when we went to the show! 
It's such a shame that he never gets any attention.. 

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