Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Fever

It's a well known fact that back in the day I used to adore winter.

The snow.

The warm and comfortable clothes.

Snuggling into bed with a good book and glass of wine.

Those feelings of warmth during the most frigid of months have blown away with the icy breeze..

..for I now have an active 14-month-old who doesn't like being cooped up for too long.
Winter walks=hats, Ergo, and my over sized jacket to keep us both warm.
I'm dreaming of..
70 degree days
The smell of cherry blossoms in the air
The way the warm sun feels on my face
Long walks
Play dates at the park
Delicious picnics
Sipping coffee on our back porch while Jax and Bella chase each other around the backyard
Enjoying a beer by our fire pit out back after Jackson goes to sleep
Starting and maintaining a garden
Baseball games
Sleeping with the windows open
Baby birds chirping away in our big old tree
Swim lessons
Walking over to our local bakery with Jax on Tuesdays for their cupcake special
The sounds of Brandon mowing the backyard 

I'm dreaming of spring. 

We're supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow so if you need me, I'll be chilling in my Snuggie with a warm cup of coffee and slice of homemade banana bread.

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