Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Have I ever mentioned that Jackson kinda likes Elmo?

Okay, scratch that.. Jax LOVES Elmo. 

He squeals anytime he sees anything Elmo related at the store.

He sleeps with an Elmo. 

He stops whatever he's doing when he hears Elmo on TV. 

This. Kid. Loves. Elmo.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
That's a different Elmo than the first picture (not pictured are 10 other Elmo books)
 Exhibit C:

Anyway, you get the picture -- we really, really like Elmo!

I recently blogged about how I thrifted Jackson an original Tickle Me Elmo for $2 back in December and how Jax absolutely loves him, sleeps with him, is always giving him kisses, etc. That purchase has NOTHING on what I scored this week. 

Guess how much I spent? 

Before Christmas, a new Big Hugs Elmo cost $49.99 (I know because I considered getting one for Jax but backed out because that seemed a bit much). I paid $4.99. 

What what?! 
Jackson has been sharing a variety of snacks with Elmo including Goldfish, coins, and socks.    
Friends who watch Dr. Phil together stay together

"Don't bite me!"
I had actually found a Big Hugs Elmo last month at Mile High Thrift but ended up passing on it (I didn't have any cash on me and didn't feel like using the ATM) and had a bad case of thrifters remorse ever since--so you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted another! It is in perfect condition (and after Lysol-ing the heck out of it and letting it air out outside, it smelled brand new too!) and has already provided Jackson with loads of entertainment.

I can't wait to see which Elmo comes to live with us next! 

Lolz, jk. 

No more Elmo. 

Unless of course I score another killer deal. 

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