Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bloominous DIY Flowers

I was compensated for this post with product and/or payment; however, opinions are 100% mine and as always, I would never recommend something to my readers that I wouldn't use myself.

Psst.. Can I let you in on a little secret?

Weddings are expensive. 

Like, really, really expensive. 

Even if you don't have an invitation calligrapher, designer silk gown, or a stellar Frank Sinatra cover artist performing at your reception, the numerous expenses can add up really quickly -- and you shouldn't have to throw away your dream wedding plans just because you can't afford it.

That's where my friends at Bloominous come in. 

Bloominous is your partner who understands easy (and afforable!) DIY flowers. What makes them so special? Well..
  • The DIY experts at Bloominous design collections that are not only beautiful, but also really easy to arrange.
  • The flowers come straight from the farm, ensuring your stems are fresh and cut-to-order.
  • Included step-by-step pictorials make it easy to build a beautiful piece in just 15min.
  • Bloominous de-thorns and proportions your flowers to save you time.
  • Packages carefully packed and ship by Air to ensure freshness.
Pretty cool, huh?

The concept for Bloominous actually came about when one of the co-founders was getting married and experienced first hand the high cost of wedding flowers. After a year of research and design, Bloominous was born (you can read the whole story here) -- this just goes to show that they know first hand what goes into budgeting a wedding!

Confession: I'm not a DIYer (I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I have no talent when it comes to creating things.. except for cute babies, of course) so I was extremely nervous about the process. Folks; I was pleasantly surprised! 

My flowers were shipped on Thursday and arrived Friday morning via FedEx (I got a little too excited and opened the package before taking a picture.. oops!). 
The contents of the box (the Party Pop collection
The box comes complete with ribbons and pins to make your own bouquet! 

As you can see, the box came with stunning roses, instructions, flower food packet, and bouquet adornments. Brandon and I were both amazed at how fresh the flowers were (considering they'd been shipped over night) and how they managed to perk up even more after they were watered!

I was super nervous about trimming the roses incorrectly so my hot cameraman (AKA my hubby) stepped in to save the day!

I really cannot say enough good things about my Bloominous bouquet! They are truly the highest quality and most fragrant flowers I have ever had -- I really wish they'd been around when Brandon and I were married! If you're looking for incredible wedding flowers (or just high quality flowers in general), you need to give Bloominous a try! 

My beautiful Bloominous flowers make me want to renew my vows to Brandon (because that's what most people do after 27 months of marriage.. right?)! 


  1. Such a pretty bouquet! And the picture of Jax smelling them? TOO cute. Quinn has an obsession with smelling flowers, even fake ones.

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