Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

Our little family had such a wonderful time celebrating His resurrection in my hometown -- it was seriously the perfect way to end such a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling Lenten season!

On Good Friday morning, Jackson and I surprised my parents by coming earlier in the day than Brandon (I told them we weren't going to be able to and my mom called right as we were pulling into town to see what we were up to.. Jax and I walked into the office while we were still on the phone and the look on her face was priceless!) which was the perfect way to start the weekend! We spent the rest of the day catching up on soaps, relaxing, and waiting for both Brandon and my brother to get off work and join us!

Saturday was the official kickoff to the fun & cliche Easter festivities! Brandon, my parents, and I took Jackson to meet the Easter Bunny, we had lunch, came back into town to take the babe to his first ever Easter egg hunt, napped, played outside, feasted on my mom's fabulous pepperoni bread, and celebrated our Lord and Savior at a beautiful Easter mass. After church, we all got comfortable and sat around visiting for the remainder of the evening.
This boy pleasantly surprised us all by going right to the Easter Bunny and sitting nicely with him while we all snapped our pictures (we were fully expecting crying and panic to ensue).
*Ignore me in the background picking up the eggs for him**
He's definitely my son -- he likes his candy (though I tend to prefer mine unwrapped)!  
Headed to mass with my beautiful family -- how did I get so lucky?! 
On Sunday, Jackson woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited Grammy & Grandpa's house! Jax wasn't too into the Easter egg hunt itself (it took us a good 45 minutes to hunt/open all 12 eggs) but enjoyed opening and closing all of the eggs..  oh well, there's always next year! The Bunny spoiled Jax with new books, puzzles, toys, chalk, and other little non-candy knick knacks that he's been playing with ever since. After everyone was up and moving, our gang packed a picnic lunch and headed to the lake to do a little fishing -- we used to go fishing on Easter when I was in high school and I'm so glad we decided to do it again this year! It's a fun tradition that I look forward to carrying on with my family. 
I lied.. a few of the eggs actually did contain candy. 
We fish you a Happy Easter.
Dad with the first catch of the day!
Awful picture but this is some of the picnic spread -- my mom made her famous fried chicken and it was as delicious as ever!
Jackson was asleep on me so I had to take this picture one handed but here is Brandon with his first fish of the day. 
I re-shaded his face as soon as I had my picture :)
We couldn't have asked for a better way to spend such a special day and it made me realize again just how blessed we are to have such wonderful family (both near and far) and to have a God who loves us so much that He gave His son for you and me. I hope that you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends! 


  1. The picture of him on your shoulder is just precious!

  2. OH MY GOSH! I haven't been reading any blogs in sooo long & I hardly recognize J anymore! He has gotten soooo big! I'm so glad he did so well with the Easter bunny & your family picture is AMAZING - you are one HOT momma! xoxo


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