Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring is Sprung

On Wednesday night, Brandon, Jackson, a friend from Kansas, and I attended our first Rockies baseball game of the season!

You know what that means..

Spring has arrived! 

The weather in these parts has been absolutely glorious and we really couldn't have asked for better baseball weather on Wednesday evening. While I'm more partial to the fall, I must admit that spring has been pretty good to us thus far! 

Speaking of spring, I have declared that spring is coconut season (fall is pumpkin, winter is peppermint). I've been enjoying coconut creamer in my coffee every morning, have been burning a coconut candle, and have been lathering my hands with a yummy coconut lotion.. it really is a refreshing scent/taste! 

In other non-spring related news, Jax is actually beginning to ear strawberries and other fruits.. this is a big deal people (he ate TWO strawberries yesterday with his veggie burger and cheese)!! 

That's about it around here-- have a great weekend!! 

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