Friday, May 22, 2015

Jackson's 17 Month Update

"He was no more (he was no more) than a baby... all alone on the edge of seventeen.." months!

Side note: I will probably be singing that to Jax the entire next month.

Anyway, my baby is now 17 months old.. which means he's almost 18 months.. which will mean he's closer to 2 than he is 1 D: I hate how quickly the time goes by but sure love my little goober boy and his adorable personality!

Here's what we've been up to this last month:

Weight: 19 lbs 9.5 oz.

Length: 31 inches

Nicknames: Jax, Bubs, Tinks, Goober, Baby, Jacksie

Wearing: Some 12 month clothes but mostly 18 (18 month shirts fit pretty well but the pants are still way too long); Size 3 diapers

Sleep: About the same as before.. this kid just isn't a good sleeper (which I take the blame for because we should have started sleep training right away)! He'll normally sleep 3-4 hour stretches before waking up and coming into bed with us. Last week was rough because of teething so he really didn't sleep but things are looking up.. I hope! 

Jax likes: Bella, giving hugs and kisses, "big" kids, figuring things out for himself, doing whatever he sees mommy or daddy doing, dancing, singing, hearing his voice/watching videos of himself, pushing things around, typing on his computer (my old laptop that barely works anymore), when we have company, showing off, reading to mommy/being read to by mommy, climbing things, going down slides, playing at the park, his new "big boy" car seat, looking at pictures of family members, coloring

Jax dislikes: Being told "no" or to "be careful," being removed from dangerous situations, teething, strangers getting too close, getting things on his hands (marker, food, etc.), when he's playing in the bathtub and accidentally turns the shower on, 

Food: Honey Greek yogurt, Belvita biscuits, chicken nuggets, breads of any kind, peanut butter, crackers of any kind, fruit/veggie pouches, green beans, 

Teeth: 10 teeth!! He had his first ever dentist appointment on Thursday (which he wasn't too happy about) and she was shocked to see that ALL of his remaining teeth (minus to 2-year molars, of course) are coming in at once! Poor, poor baby.. now we know why he isn't sleeping well.

Happenings: 2nd Rockies game; Music classes at library; visits to Grammy & Grandpas; WALKING!!; Cinco de Mayo festival in LoDo; MOPS; second trip to WOW! Children's Museum; hosting Mother's Day Brunch; Great Grandpa's rosary and funeral :(; playing with cousins; first trip to the zoo; and KS trip/visiting family!

~We have a walker! He still doesn't do it all the time (boy oh boy is this kid stubborn -- he only walks when he wants) but I'm just glad to know that he can. Brandon and I had been working and working on it with him and then when my parents were visiting a few weeks ago, Jax stood right up out of the blue to walk over to my mom.. little stinker! Brandon and I had tried getting him to walk one morning last week and he wouldn't do it but as soon as we took him to the park and he saw all the kids, up he went! Hopefully it'll be more of a norm by his 18 month update..

~I'm not sure where he picked it up, but Jax has started fake laughing and it is hilarious! Whenever he hears one of us (or somebody on the TV) laugh, he does his fake little chuckle and then looks around the room proudly. Also, this picture has nothing to do with it but it cracks me up every time I see it. 

~It amazes me how quickly Jax is able to pick things up now -- he will seriously see us do something one time and then goes to mimic it! One day, Brandon walked into the room and randomly pointed at Jax and now Jax points at Brandon whenever he sees him (hilarious!). He also saw Brandon trimming the cat's nails one time and wanted to do it (umm, no), always wants to "help" me in the kitchen, etc. 

~This little stinker ACTUALLY stayed in the daycare room at MOPS for the entire 2 hours last week -- I couldn't believe it! I peeked in a few times and he didn't look very happy (looking around, glaring at everyone, fussing when he wasn't sitting on a babysitter's lap) but they didn't have to bring him into the room with me for once! #progress YAY JAX!

~We've had a ROUGH week of teething -- his molars are making their first appearance (only two have popped through though..) and we've been battling high fevers. sleepless nights, and abnormal fussiness/clinginess. It's tough to be a toddler! 

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