Thursday, May 7, 2015

Random Crap I Found at My Parents

The title pretty much sums up what this post is all about but I figured I'd still give a bit of a back story: My mom wants to redo my room at their house and asked me to go through all my things and decide what to keep, donate, and toss. Anyway, 3 years later (See mom, I told you I'd do it!) and I'm finally starting to go through everything!

One of the first things I found/went through was my beautiful treasure box -- the place where I kept all things near and dear to my heart.

Wanna peek inside?

Ornament hooks, the head of a candy goose, a band-aid wrapper, and my Sam's Cookie Club card were among my most prized possessions. 
"To: Anabel Wernsman -- You're a good reader!" I'm glad I saved this heartfelt Valentine from a girl in my 3rd grade class (and for the record, I am a pretty good reader...)!  
Mom and me.. this makes sense and makes up for every other weird thing in the box.
The previous redeeming photo was just overturned by this autographed Adam Sandler picture that I obviously printed at home (seriously; what?!). 
Doesn't everyone save random, un-sharpened pencils? 
A punchless punch card.. again, why? (I didn't even own anything from Limited Too because it was too expensive!) 
I have always been a gifted writer.
Screenplay for "Gypsies"
"The Jinken family was very poor. The mother and father were very drunk." 
Going through my treasure box was quite the walk down memory lane and brought a pretty big smile to both my face and heart. As sentimental as I am, I decided to go ahead and part with the candy goose head, kid's membership cards, and pencils, but kept my screenplays and pictures. 

Also, this wasn't in my treasure box but is still worth sharing:
The seat covers from my first car (a rusted 1994 Ford Explorer) -- I was way too cool for school. 
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who collected weird things as a child? What are some of the funny/cute/random things you've found at your parents? 

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