Friday, May 29, 2015

Salina Shenanigans (Warning: Picture Heavy Post)


It's Annie!

Remember me?

I used to write on here and all..

I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week -- getting back into the groove of things after vacation SUCKS. I'm not sure why it's so hard (I kept up on my work while we were away) but it always throws me through a loop and makes my anxiety soar even higher than normal. Anyway, enough about that and more about our vacation!

A few weeks ago, Brandon's dad called to tell us that he and Brandon's step-mom were planning a somewhat impromptu Memorial Day vacation to Kansas to visit the family and asked if we'd be able to make the trip. We only had 5 days to get everything together (make sure Brandon could take off work, book a hotel, find someone to watch Bella, etc.) but we were bound and determined to go.

The day before we left, Jackson and I both came down with allergy like symptoms and by Wednesday (the day we left), we were full blown snot buckets. Fortunately, Jax's cleared up for the most part when we got to KS (AND he slept the entire 4 1/2 car ride!) but mine kept getting worse and worse. By Thursday morning, I was a tired, congested mess who just wanted to lay in bed and mope about being sick while on vacation. Brandon's dad suggested visiting the walk-in clinic before it closed and I'm SO glad I did because it turns out I had a sinus infection, so I was able to get on a Z-Pak right away (the next morning I woke up coughing which wasn't a surprise because my sinus infections ALWAYS turn into bronchitis).

(I just realized that I added a ton of parenthesis into that last paragraph)

Despite being sick for the first couple of days, we had a wonderful time visiting with family, going out for meals, relaxing, and watching Jax really take off walking!
Our hotel room had two queen beds so Jax and I sprawled out on one and Brandon took the other (we normally don't do this at home, I promise!).
Making friends at the walk-in clinic
These two LOVED each other (Sara kept wanting to hold her "baby" cousin)!
Benny was so sweet with Jackson too -- Jax thought the world of his big cousin!
I was glad that I was called into the exam room when I was because a man came in who had seen every single work of Matthew Perry and wanted to talk about it.. Poor Brandon had to sit there and listen to him for 20 minutes while I visited with the doctor.

Typical cousins (fighting and taking each others toys one minute, hugging and best friends the next!)..
Sara and Jax with Great Grandpa (who made the 16 hour trip from Bismarck).
This was Jax's first real pool experience and he LOVED it -- I can't wait to get him into swimming lessons this summer :)
4 Generations (Brandon's grandpa, dad, sister, and her kids)
Grandpa with his great grands!
4 Generations of good Sandmeier men (As I said earlier, Brandon's grandpa drove in from North Dakota, his dad from Tennessee, and we came in from Denver -- we're all spread out, so it's a treat whenever we can get together).
Jackson's Great Great Uncle Dan and Aunt Paulette came all the way from Pierre to see everyone!
So much for hitting the road at 9:30am (this picture was taken at about 9:15)!
The ride home didn't go quite as smoothly as our trip out (it was during the day so Jax was awake most of the time, so we had to make several park stops), so needless to say we were all very relieved when we pulled up to the house after a long day of traveling. We had such a fun time seeing everyone -- I truly believe that I have the best in-laws ever and feel so blessed that we were all able to get together on such short notice.

We'll see you all again next Memorial Day weekend (but hopefully sooner)! :D

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