Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Stupendous Sandmeier Summer

Inflatable swimming pool? Check!

Daddy's Mickey Mouse sprinkler from the 80s? Check!

SPF 70 Sunscreen? Check!

Sticky Popsicle fingers? Check!

While Brandon was at work on Sunday, Jax and I enjoyed all of these things -- so I hereby declare that summer is here! I'm not going to lie; last summer was kind of a bust (we were living in our tiny 3rd floor apartment and I had to carry my 6-month-old and all of our supplies up and down the stairs multiple times a day) so I'm extra excited for this year because I have a fun toddler who LOVES to be outside AND we have a house with a yard! YAY!

I hope your summers are all off to an equally fabulous start! Here's to warm days, bonfires, and lots of seasonal fun!

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