Thursday, June 11, 2015

Date Nights & Women's Hats

Have I mentioned how much I'm LOVING Brandon's new work schedule? I can't remember if I've written about it or not, but Brandon now works 10-hour days Sunday-Wednesday and has 3 DAYS OFF! It's wonderful and we're all extremely happy with his new hours.

Anyway, his new schedule has allowed us to travel/visit family more often, so after B's doctor appointment early Thursday morning, we grabbed some breakfast downtown headed east to visit my family for a few days (I do the marketing for my hometown museum so going home always gives me a chance to do some on location work and meetings) -- we had such a nice time visiting, eating too much, and just relaxing at my parent's house.

Sorry Bella, you have to stay home this time!
Denver Biscuit Company for breakfast = PURE HEAVEN
It's mos def storm season in Colorado!
Brandon and I were able to sneak away for dinner and drinks on Thursday night -- at one point, we looked at each other stunned because we realized we were able to actually have a long, uninterrupted conversation! #toddlerparentprobs

After attending a hometown festival on Saturday morning, we kidnapped my mom and headed back to Denver to shop, watch American Pharoah make Triple Crown history, work on the yard (Brandon), and then eat too much Chinese takeout and cookie s'mores. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Then on Sunday, my mom, Jax, and I went over to my aunt's house in Wash Park to visit with her and my Aunt and cousins from Kansas! As always, we had a wonderful laughing, overeating (my cousin made homemade bruschetta.. OMG!!), shopping, and just enjoying each others company. Since my goddaughter's 10th birthday is next week, we also threw her a little surprise party, complete with cake and lots of presents!

When we went to Penney's Saturday afternoon, Jackson found this hat and would not take it off (unless he walked up to someone, took hit off, and put it over his chest.. where does he get these things?!) -- he had everyone in the store grinning from ear to ear!
Playing with his cousins Sunday afternoon (did I mention that Grammy bought him the hat?)
Happy Birthday Emily Rose!
It's Emily's birthday but Jackson still got a present (a book from his Great Aunt Judy) -- he was quick to help Emily open all of her presents, too!
He LOVED his cousins!
Overall, it was such a fabulous weekend -- I just love getting to spend time with my guys and family! Brandon's weekend starts again today and I can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for us! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, too!

P.S. Hopefully I'll be able to write more next week.. these past few weeks of work have been kicking my butt! However, I think I'm finally getting a schedule worked out now (that involves getting up earlier than anyone else to work and working during nap time), so hopefully things will begin running a bit smoother around these parts.

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