Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dating Your Spouse

Wanna know a secret?

Parenting is hard work!

I know that all of you parents and caretakers out there are thinking, "Umm, Duh!" -- but just bear with me a sec. I knew that motherhood was going to change me forever, but I never realized just how much of a toll it'd take on my body (I'll tell you guys ALL about the joys of weaning soon), marriage, and just overall perspective on life.

If there's one thing that I wish I would have done differently over the last year and a half, it's that I would have made an effort to spend more time alone with my husband. Between my constant need to be with Jax, bed sharing, and just overall hectic-ness of 2014, I barely spent anytime alone with just Brandon (I can count on one hand the number of times we went out without Jax last year). 

I'm thrilled to announce that things have been SO much better this year and that I'm a happier, more confident wife and mamma! How did things change so drastically in such a short amount of time? Well..

We've discovered babysitters.

We have made couple friends who we can hang out with before and after Jax goes to sleep (meaning we normally play games and hang out at our house, but that's okay because we have a blast!).

We have taken my parents up on offers to watch Jax overnight for us so we can take little one night vacations out-of-state. 

We moved Jax out of our bed and into his crib.

We made a new nightly ritual of sitting in bed, watching a movie (or TV show -- currently OITNB, which is awful this season), and eating ice cream.

We have started to actually date again.. so much so, in fact, that I think we're doing more now than we did before we got engaged! It's amazing what a huge change it's made in our relationship and in my overall attitude.

What is your favorite way to date your spouse?
We actually got a babysitter and went to see "Jurassic World" on Friday afternoon -- soooooo good!!

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