Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day 2K15

To all the dads, grandpas, uncles, friends, and father figures: Happy (Belated) Father's Day! You all have such an important role in the lives of your children, grandchildren, etc., and I hope that you all felt extra loved and appreciated on Sunday! Even though Brandon had to work on actual Father's Day, we had a wonderful long weekend full of family, food, and lots of Whose Line is it Anyway reruns.

We began our Father's Day weekend with a Rockies game on Thursday, which (if you ask me) is always a perfect way to spend a summer day! On Friday, my parents came out, the guys opened their gifts, I made this delicious meatball sub casserole for dinner, and we just relaxed.
Dad's annual Father's Day candy card
Best $1.50 ever spent. 

**Side note: I didn't get any pictures of Brandon's gifts, but I got him a Birchbox Men subscription, new shorts to sleep in, and I surprised him with a bag of goodies to take to work on Sunday**

After sleeping in on Saturday, we did the local garage sale rounds (scored a giant filing cabinet for $10 and a barely used paper shredder for FREE), took it easy while my parents & brother went to see Jurassic World, took my Great Aunt Millie to mass & dinner, and then came back to our place to visit and go through some old family scrapbooks. It was another perfect day!

As I mentioned earlier, Brandon had to work on Sunday (but fortunately had a laid back day at work), so Jackson and I hosted my parents and brother for Father's Day brunch. After brunch, my parents headed home, I put Jackson down his nap, got as much work accomplished as I could, and then felt ambitious enough to take Jax to the park in the 98 degree weather (which was miserable, but Jax did NOT want to leave). After (Brandon's) work, we all showered, had dinner, made popcorn, and watched Family Feud (Jax's favorite show, no joke) -- it was such a perfect ending to a perfect weekend!
I made this slow cooker blueberry french toast & bacon, and my mom made hash browns and sausage links.. SO good!
Snack and Gru after nap.

Once again, I hope that all you dads out there had a wonderful day -- thank you for all you do!

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