Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jackson's 19 Month Update

Yesterday my adorable, strong willed, smart, and hilarious boy turned 19-months-old.. and I have yet to plan his second birthday party!! My planning game is weak this year (his first birthday party was planned by the time he was 3-months-old).. anyway, it's been an exciting month for our little guy with visits to see family, new words/tricks, and our national television debut!

Without further ado, here is what we've been up to this month:
Baby's 1st Happy Meal deserves to be documented. 

Weight: 21 lbs.

Length: 31.5 inches

Nicknames: Jax, Babies, Bubbies, Tinks, Babes, Stinker

Wearing: 18 month clothes (with the exception of a few 12 month pieces); Size 3 diapers

Sleep: Still not a good sleeper.. refuses to go down until after 10 and then wakes up in the middle of the night to get in bed with us. I talked to his doctor and I think the course we have to take is to let Brandon put him to bed at night (he wants to nurse if I try) and then just let him CIO whenever he wakes up. It'll be a long couple of nights, but hopefully it results in better sleep for all!

Jax likes: Running, playing outside, playing "Toddler Preschool" on the tablet, Family Feud/Steve Harvey, reading to mommy, Cassie (babysitter), trains, animals of every kind, being independent, water/pools/sprinkler/splash pads, his cousins, nana's farm, "helping" grandpa work, mimicking everyone he sees, and playing at the library. his new backyard playset, looking through pictures, mimicking everything he sees, train sets, furniture shopping

Jax dislikes: Mommy reading to him, fireworks, being told "no", being carried when he wants to walk, long car rides, time out, being dirty/having food on his hands, having to be carried around while furniture shopping

Food: Still nursing only before nap & bed -- his favorite foods are Honey Greek yogurt, Belvita biscuits, veggie noodles with melted mozzarella, crackers and breads, sweets, fish, sausage/bacon, popcorn, milk, fries, chicken, and pizza.

Teeth: He still won't let me get a good look, but it seems like 12.. I wish those pesky eye-teeth would come in already!

Happenings: Cassie (our babysitter) staying with him for a few hours each Monday; lots of playing at the park/library; visits to Grammy & Grandpas; trip to see Nana in Kansas; second 4th of July; visiting friends in Hays; national television debut :); his new playset from our neighbors; and visiting Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rolf. 

~As many of you know, I work from home as a freelance writer/marketer and absolutely love it -- however, it can get extremely overwhelming because I like to focus all my time on Jax while he's awake and do all my work in the mornings before he wakes up, during nap time, in the evenings after Brandon gets home, and then after he goes to sleep. It was kinda of a rough time, as I didn't have any time to spend with my husband or to even sleep! It only took me 18 months, but we finally have a babysitter (Cassie, pictured) who comes over Monday afternoons to play with Jackson while I escape for 3 glorious, uninterrupted hours of work. It is AMAZING and I can't believe we didn't think to do it sooner! Cassie was one of the babysitters for our mom's group at church, so I got to know her through there and watch her interact with Jax. Do you think he likes her much?! :)

He would not leave the Chick-fil-a cowman alone -- he shrieked everytime he saw him and kept wanting to cut the line of kids to give him hugs! 
~It's amazing to me just how smart Jackson is and to watch him interact and communicate with others. Whenever he needs something, he will hand it to you and point, grab your hand and guide you to whatever he wants, etc., and he learned a few new words this month (BAH! = Bye; AAA AAA AAA = the Count from Sesame Street). He has also been quite the "helper" this month -- anytime he sees Brandon or I doing literally anything (licking an envelope, writing something down, putting on makeup, trimming toenails), he gets the most serious look on his face and starts copying our movements. 

~Jackson and Bella are still the best of friends (most of the time, anyway) -- the other day when Bella was licking her paw to groom herself, Jax started to crack up and stare intently at her before licking his hand and rubbing his ear. Always keeping me on my toes, these two..

~As I mentioned earlier, we spent the July 4th weekend at Brandon's mom's farm in Kansas and Jackson had the BEST time with all of Nana's animals! He wasn't too sure what to think of the chickens/ducks/roosters/guineas, but he enjoyed gently petting the baby chicks, cats, and dog (he's never been around any dogs before and was completely smitten with Russell's border collie, Oreo -- she was super mellow and gentle with Jax)!

~My little water baby is losing his baby fat and looking more and more like a little boy :( HOLD ME!!

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