Friday, July 31, 2015

Jackson's First Movie

Last Friday, Brandon and I took Jackson to his first ever movie (outside of our house, that is)!

We had planned to wait until he was a little older to take him, but when our local drive-in (88 Drive-in Theater, Commerce City) reached out after an Only in Colorado shout-out, we decided that now was a perfect time to go!

Free admission + Free popcorn = Winning the Sandmeier's hearts
Arriving an hour before showtime = selfie central
I love Colorado! P.S. Who brings a cab to the drive-in?

Jackson was in HEAVEN sitting up front with us, being able to move around wherever he wanted, and eating large amounts of popcorn -- he was so sweet and squealed with happiness the entire time! The movie itself (Inside Out) didn't start until after 9, so he only watched a few minutes before falling fast asleep on me, but I know that he enjoyed the time leading up to it.

We didn't get home until 1:30 (we stayed for Ant Man.. #worstmovieever.. we should have just gone home after Inside Out) so it was an unusually late night for us, but so worth it! I can't wait to go again when Jackson is a bit older. Thanks again to Jack at the 88 Drive-In for reaching out and treating us to a perfect family night! If you're in the Denver area and are looking for a fun, inexpensive outing, we highly recommend checking out this theater! 

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