Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jackson's 20 Month Update

Our tiny teenager turned 20-months-old on Saturday and I am FINALLY getting a chance to sit down and write about our month. #momfail Anyway, I guess I should begin this post by apologizing for being MIA this past week. I have been working on another writing project (that I am very excited about and will be revealing SOON), have been working like mad during nap time and bed time to get ahead on OIYS posts, just returned home from a short family vacation to the mountains, and am happy to be hosting my wonderful MIL for a few days! It's been a very busy time around these parts, but exciting none-the-less. I will be posting pictures from our trip to the mountains very soon!

In the mean time, here is what my smart, funny, and adorable little 20 MONTH OLD (*begins sobbing*) has been up to this month:

Weight: 21 lbs.

Length: 32 inches (that's a total guess...)

Nicknames: Jax, Babies, Bubbies, Tinks, Babes, Stinker

Wearing: 18 month clothes; Size 3 diapers

Sleep: Slowly getting to be a better sleeper -- his bedtime is pretty sporadic, but lately he's been getting a solid 5-6 hours of sleep in his crib before waking up to come to bed with us. Brandon and I are taking a Jackson-less work vacation to Vegas in a few months, so it's VITAL that we have him sleeping 10+ hours a night in his crib for Grammy & Grandpa.

Jax likes: The mountains, the neighborhood kids, the book "B is for Bear", going for walks, sweets, the cabin, showing off, playing with older kids, cats/Bella, CARS, Play-doh, running, playing with dad, making animal noises, talking on the phone, messing with anything technical, throwing the ball, Family Feud/Steve Harvey, singing along at church

Jax dislikes: Loud noises, being told "no", time-out, being scared, mommy leaving,

Food: Picky, picky, picky -- the only things we can get him to eat anymore are oatmeal, Greek yogurt w/Chia seeds, cheese, pizza toppings, sweets (which he would eat all day, every day, like any other toddler), snap pea crisps, breads, and carby snack foods.

Teeth: Hard to tell, but I'm guessing it's still just the 12 -- we're STILL waiting on those danged eye-teeth!

Happenings: IKEA trip, first movie ("Inside Out" at the drive-in), Grammy & Grandpa visits, "new" room, visits to Grammy & Grandpas, park days, lots of playing with neighborhood kids, and first trip to the mountains. 

~This little guy's personality is growing by the day and I LOVE it! He is so smart and funny -- he can truly bring a smile to anyone's face! He is definitely starting to show his emotions on his sleeve a bit more and makes sure to let you know when he doesn't like something (which normally involves crying and hitting the wall, which turns into a 1-minute timeout which he HATES even more)!

~I love watching Jackson play and explore the world around him! His favorite toys right now are cars -- he messed with his bag of cars the entire trip home from the mountains and had the BEST time! He has a little hand-me-down racetrack from our neighbors that he likes to play with whenever he can.

~One of Jax's new "tricks" this month is animal noises -- he can do cat (high pitched "RAR!"), cow (OOO), pig (oy oy!), duck (ah ah ah), and owl (ooo ooo). He was doing them on demand for awhile, but now only does it when he feels like it.. typical toddler!

~I still mostly see Brandon when I look at Jackson (he's really starting to look like his cousin, too), but notice a few of my mannerisms in him -- when he's concentrating on something, he moves his mouth and bites the inside of his cheek like I do and he also gets my squinty eyes when he smiles. We'll see who he looks more like as he continues to grow! 

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