Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life Randoms

I haven't done a rambling post in awhile now, so I figured I would do one today and fill everyone in on our happenings (and to have it recorded for me, since I do plan to one day have my posts turned into a scrapbook)!

~We are T-Minus 2 MONTHS until we head to Disney World! Brandon and I haven't been back since we got engaged and can't wait to take Jackson for his first time (his Grammy, Grandpa, & Uncle Joe are coming too). It was also confirmed yesterday that my awesome, awesome bosses are sending all of their writers/our significant others to Vegas in October for a fun weekend (CAN'T WAIT). It's been a great year for vacations -- and 2016 should be too, as Brandon and I will be kicking off the year on a beach in Mexico for our anniversary! 

~I am kind of obsessed with my new "Love is Patient; Love is Kind" shirt from Pinks in Denver. This shirt is so stinking soft and the verse holds a special place in my heart (it was read at our wedding). 

~Jackson = the King of Selfies.

~We're pretty much IN LOVE with Cassie (Jax's Monday afternoon babysitter) -- he just adores her and I love the fact that he's in good hands while I write for 3 hours straight.

~Jackson's "big boy room" is just about finished and I am dying to share pictures!! Hopefully next week I'll have them taken and posted :)

~Family park days are fun -- even when you decide to walk the mile each way in scorching hot temps! 

~My cousins from Kansas were in Colorado last week and we had such a fun time seeing them at my parents, eating lots of food, and playing lots of cards.

~I don't have a picture, BUT.. Brandon and I were volunteered to Chalet dance at my hometown Heritage Festival last weekend -- we weren't sure what to expect, but we both had a lot of fun and got  in an AWESOME workout!

Have you had enough randomness for one day? Me too. Have a great Tuesday!

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