Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nana Visits the Mile High City

A few weeks ago, we had the great pleasure of hosting Mamma Nancy (my MIL) for a few days!

Nancy arrived Sunday afternoon while Brandon was still at work, so we talked and got all caught up while Jax napped. Once Brandon was home, we had dinner, made a GT's ice cream run, and all went to bed!
It didn't take Jax long to decide that Nana is his BFF!
Since Brandon was able to take Monday off from work, we decided to do the tourist thing and take Nancy downtown to walk around, shop, and have lunch (since she'd only been to Denver one other time). Upon arriving downtown, we surprised my Aunt Nancy at her office and headed to lunch at Sam's No. 3, which we all HIGHLY recommend. After lunch, my aunt had to head back to work, but was kind enough to loan us her Botanic Gardens pass. Long story short, we didn't stay very long (we were all exhausted) and decided to head back to the house to kick back and visit. #bestchoiceever Later that evening, I whipped up some of my "famous" Italian Nachos for supper and we all turned into bed early. 
Lunch with the Nancy's! 
The corpse flower had lost its stench (and ridiculously long line) by the time we visited the Gardens.

Brandon had to go back to work on Tuesday, so Nancy, Jax, and I packed up the car and headed west to visit him/show Nancy around his office. Brandon seriously works for the coolest, most family centered company I have ever encountered, so we were all welcomed with open arms and given a tour around the building -- what goes on at that company is all over my head (I am not tech-y whatsoever), but it's neat to hear about how important Brandon's job is when it comes to the internet.

After lunch and naps, it was time to get our toes done -- I always forget how wonderful and relaxing it is to have someone rub your feet and paint your nails; if I could do that once a week, I would never be stressed again! Anyway, Brandon was still at work when we went to the salon, so Jax came with us and was SO good (minus him accidentally dropping a bottle a nail polish when I wasn't looking) sitting quietly on my lap, playing on the tablet, and eating fruit snacks while I closed my eyes and relaxed. Ahhhhhh....
Fun Size Brandon working hard! :)

Nancy left early, early the next morning... we were so sad to see her leave and we can't wait to see her again!! We absolutely love living in Colorado, but it sure is difficult not being able to see Brandon's side of the family as often as we used to. I guess that means we have to start planning even more trips to Kansas?? :) Until next time, Mamma Nanc!

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