Monday, November 23, 2015

Jackson's 23 Month Update

23 months?! THAT DOESN'T SEEM POSSIBLE!!! Less than one month from now, we will have a full-fledged 2-year-old, which can't be real... didn't we JUST celebrate his 1st birthday last month? How am I already making reservations for his 2nd birthday?! Before I begin singing Sunrise, Sunset, here's what Jacksie's been up to this month:

Weight: 23.5 lbs.

Length: 32 inches (that's a total guess...)

Nicknames: Jax, Buddy, Tinks, Stinker, Jacksie, Bubs, Buttercup, Stinker

Wearing: 18 month pants & 24 month tops (he has short legs and a long torso) and pajamas; Size 3 diapers.

Sleep: Jax is SUCH a good sleeper these days! He still stays up a little late (until about 10-10:30), but will usually sleep until around 7, when he comes into bed with me and falls back asleep for another hour or two. Last month, I couldn't get him to take naps if he wasn't in his car seat or stroller, but he's even starting to lay down on his own every afternoon!

Jax likes: Books, animals, running around with other kids, older kids, talking on his "phone" (whatever he has in his hands at that moment), watching videos of himself on my phone, taking pictures, coloring, eating, playing at the park, when daddy gets home from work, going to mass, brushing his teeth, visiting family

Jax dislikes: Time out, being ignored, when the cat takes whatever he's playing with, being told no, strangers, doctors offices

Food: Cheese, pasta of any kind, fish, peanut butter, sugar (ice cream, cookies, candy, etc.), oatmeal, Belvita, yogurt, crackers, breads, Orange chicken, certain fruits and veggies.

Teeth: We have THREE eye-teeth (finally)!!! It's been a rough month, but the end is finally in sight (after those pesky 2-year-molars, of course D:). More on Jax's dentist visit below...

Happenings: House sitting for friends; pumpkin carving party at a friends; Halloween cookie decorating party; 2nd Halloween; 2nd dentist appointment; tour of Hammond's Candy Factory with friends from church; 1st snow of the season; open gym fun at Rec Center; and 2nd trip to the cabin. 

~This boy LOVES to give hugs and cuddles, and I'm not complaining! When I first weaned him, he did not want to be touched at all (especially when he slept -- if I so much as accidentally brushed against him, he would wake up and fuss), but now he is so sweet all the time and loves falling asleep on Brandon or me.

~Jax had his second ever dentist appointment last month and did WAY better than I'd expected! His dentist is awesome and has the coolest setup in the waiting room, so he was happy as a lark playing until they called his name... anyway, he was upbeat and cheerful until we got to the exam room where he stopped and began to BAWL (he has started associating any kind of doctor's office with shots... poor guy!). The dental hygienist was so good with him and gave him a toothbrush to play -- he was even happy to open wide when the Dr. examined his mouth! She told us that his eye-teeth would be popping out any minute (and she wasn't kidding) and that his molars didn't look too far behind... I can't wait until teething is over for our poor guy!

~We went on a field trip to Hammond's Candy Factory with some of our besties from church and Jackson acted like a kid in a candy store the entire time... I wonder why?

~He is FINALLY letting me read to him!!! Every night before bed, we go into his room and pick out a few books, one of which he will take to his comfy chair (I'm not allowed on the chair so I sit on the floor) and "read" to me. Once he's finished, he will usually let me read most of a book to him before he moves onto something else... Oh well; I'll take it!

~As you can see, I went ahead and got his potty out of storage a few weeks ago. He understands the concept of it, but has yet to actually "go". I've been waiting for the teething drama to pass, so once it does, we will start to work more on potty training. 

~I cannot believe how happy and funny this little guy is -- he even sits through church without fussing (which I thought was unheard of)! Speaking of church, I have a cute story that I want to document: every week, our priest lets the kids come up and drop their money in a special basket before they begin the congregation collection. Since Brandon and I don't normally carry cash, I've been letting Jackson take our collection envelope up to drop in the basket. Anyway, a few weeks ago, Fr. James stood up to give his homily and Jax sat straight up and began digging through my purse... I figured I knew what he was looking for (and wasn't fully thinking), so I handed him the envelope to hold, which resulted in him jumping off the pew and making a run for it down the aisle! Needless to say, was pretty bummed that he had to come sit back down with us, but was overcome with joy when collection time came and he was able to run to the front with the other kids... such a stinker!!!

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