Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jackson's 2nd Halloween

October 2015 has by far been the BEST October of my life -- and that's saying a lot!!

Between pumpkin patch trips with friends, attending a pumpkin carving party, hosting a Halloween cookie decorating party (more on that later this week), and trick-or-treating with my guys, this has been the most fun and memorable October of them all!

For Halloween this year, Jackson dressed as a puppy. Originally, we planned to dress him as Steve Harvey (Jackson is OBSESSED with both him and Family Feud), but then decided on Mickey Mouse... and then a kitty... and then, after a friend offered us a hand-me-down costume, we decided on puppy. #welikefreethings The costume was absolutely adorable and everyone got the biggest kick out of the little tail wagging on the back -- so cute!!

Just like last year, we met my parents at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rolf's house, who live in Denver's gorgeous Washington Park neighborhood. A couple blocks away from their house is my favorite shopping district, that just so happens to close off the road each year for a Halloween block party/safe street. After venturing around down there awhile and fighting the crowds for candy, we picked up a couple pizzas and headed back to Nancy's, where we ate and handed out candy. 

Once we finished eating dinner, my mom, Aunt Nancy, Jackson, and I headed back out to trick-or-treat up the street, which was the best thing EVER! Jackson was so in his element and got the biggest kick out of going house to house, picking out his own candy (his decision; nobody ever offered, ha), and then saying "BAH-BAH!" (bye-bye -- his version of trick-or-treat and thank you!) We came across several other kids during our trek and Jax was in heaven -- I just love how social/funny our little man is!

After collecting a solid buckets worth of candy, we headed back to the house and watched Jackson hand out the rest of candy. 

We had such a fun and memorable night with family and we hope that you did as well! Happy (belated) Halloween and All Saints Day! 

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