Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sandmeier Christmas Home Tour 2015

For those of you who don't know... I started this blog in early 2012 as a creative outlet/excuse to cook (hence the name). Another fun fact? My last post was more than 2 1/2 weeks ago, which is the LONGEST I have ever gone without posting. Instead of beating myself up for not doing everything at once (like I normally do), I have decided to enjoy these final weeks of 2015 and not stress out too much over every little thing... which, if you know me, is easier said than done.

Come 2016, I promise that I will be back here posting somewhat regularly... with all of our recent trips, it's been hard to entertain the babe, work, remember to sleep, and blog, but once the holiday season/upcoming anniversary trip to Mexico are both over, I will be back.

You've been warned.

Anyway, over the last three years, I have been sharing our Christmas home and had to do it again this year! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I seriously look forward to the day when I can unpack my decorations and make our home cheery and bright!

Here's our 2015 Christmas home:
On our trip to KS last weekend, we FINALLY bought a nativity scene and I absolutely love it!
This kid... even when he isn't feeling well, he's hamming it up!
We bought a new tree after Christmas last year and it's pretty much the best thing ever! It's shorter than our previous tree AND is pre-lit! 
My favorite word :)
We have started a new tradition this year where we light the Advent candle(s), read from Fr. Robert Barron's daily reflections, and try to keep Jackson from blowing out the candle before we've finished. 
My sweet husband braved freezing cold temperatures to hang the lights -- they look great!!!
We are getting ready to bundle up and walk around the neighborhood to look at lights, so I better get this wrapped up. Hopefully I will have another post written by the end of the week with a recap of all our goings on!

Have a great week, mom (and anyone else who happens to read my blog)! :) 

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