Friday, January 22, 2016

Organizational JOY

As I shared a few weeks ago, I decided to pick a word for 2016 instead of a single resolution...

...and that word, as you may remember, is joy. 

This year I am trying to live more joyfully by doing little things that make me happy (reading, indulging in candy from time to time, strolling the aisles of Target just for the heck of it, etc), as well as bringing joy into the life of others every chance I get. 

While picking my brain on December 31st for more small things that I could add to my joyful list, it occurred to me: being less stressed in 2016 would bring me copious amounts of happiness! But just how would I go about doing it?

If you know me in real life, you may know that I am an extremely anxious person who worries over the most mundane of things -- it's how I've been the last 25 years and is how I will probably be the rest of my life. Anyway, between being a mom and writing for a living, I have had many a restless night where I stare at the ceiling and think about everything I should be doing instead of sleeping.

I have state posts that need to be written.

Those newspaper articles aren't going to edit themselves.

What about scheduling posts for MT? I can't forget to do that on Tuesday and Thursday!

And the bulletin announcement for our mom's group at church... Did I really forget to submit it again?! 

You get the picture. 

Since I do all these things from home, I try to do them around Jax's schedule (because babies don't keep and I'd rather spend my time with him), which freaks me out even more because I only have so many hours in the evening to finish everything.

Ugh. Ugh. UGH!

Then it hit me: Get a planner, you dummy! So I did... and it's one of the best investments I ever made.
So much joy in one picture: My pretty planner, coffee, a candle, gummies, and chubby little toddler fingers :)
At the beginning of each week, I figure out what all needs to be written, what chores need to be done, which days we're meeting with friends, doctors appointments, play groups, conference calls, etc. and get it all evenly distributed over the 7-day period. Now, instead of thinking I have to vacuum, do laundry, clean bathrooms, write 10 articles, and go to the library with Jax all in one day, I can look at my schedule, see that I only have to write my OIYS posts, maybe schedule MammaTech social media from my phone, vacuum downstairs, clean the bathroom, and then spend the rest of the day building Legos and reading with my favorite little guy.

And the best part? Once I complete a task, I get to check it off my list :D 
Work to-dos on top; chores on bottom.
Ahh, sweet, sweet joy! 

Do you have a word you live by? I would love to hear it!! 

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