Wednesday, February 3, 2016

That Kid! (Volume 1)

I know that I said I wasn't going to post any more of Jackson's monthly updates after he turned two, but... he's learning/growing/changing so much and I want to document and share it! That being said, I have decided to start a monthly series entitled "That Kid!" (which is what I say whenever he does something funny/surprising/cute/etc.) that recaps what our boy has been up to.

Here has what he's been up to since December 22nd:

~We had Jackson's 2-year well check a few days after we returned from Mexico and all was well! Jax is still a little squirt (10% for height; 3% for weight) but pleasantly surprised the doctor when he grabbed a pen and began meticulously drawing on a piece of paper... she said his fine motor skills are excellent, but was concerned as to why he still isn't saying much. We have an appointment to get his speech evaluated later this month and as soon as I made the appointment, he began repeating everything we say. Little stinker! He reminds me SO much of his cousin, Benny (Brandon's sister's son) in terms of development -- Benny was also a late walker/talker and is now a brilliant little 6-year-old. We're still going to go to his appointment though, so stand by for an update later this month.

~As I mentioned, Jax is now repeating everything we say and knows his entire alphabet (he doesn't say it very clearly, but can point to random letters and numbers on command)! It's amazing just how much he's grown and changed over the last month :( See below for videos of him doing his alphabet and animal sounds.

~Jackson's sense of humor absolutely kills me! He's gotten to the age where he tries to make people laugh by making funny faces, tickling, etc. He is also quite the little mimicker and will pretend to cough, laugh, and sneeze if he hears someone doing it within a two-mile vicinity.

~Cutest video ever (that fits Jackson's personality to a t)!

~As I mentioned in our recent "big boy" room reveal, Jax is FINALLY into reading and I couldn't be more excited! His favorites right now are Good Night Colorado (which we read 4-5 times a day -- here he is doing the motions), Annie Bananie, and Tom & Jerry's Merry Christmas.

~Major bragging post (bear with me): A few weeks ago, we went to a BBQ at a friend's house and everyone there couldn't get over how well behaved and content Jax is -- one of the couples there was talking about how when their kids were two, they were into everything, whereas Jax just likes to walk around and look at things, but never touches them. We are so lucky to have such a content guy who listens well and finds ways of entertaining himself (like at church last week when he put on Chapstick for the entire hour)!

~Last weekend we went to my parent's house for my mom's birthday/my hometown museum's annual fundraiser dinner and Jax was SO against wearing a tie until he saw my dad wearing one... After that, he thought he was pretty cool stuff and even pretended to straighten it like grandpa.

~I'll go ahead and wrap up this post by gushing about how independent/smart this little guy is! He picks up things SO quickly (we have a 26 piece alphabet puzzle that he can do in a matter of minutes) and is such a big help anymore -- he even likes getting his own water when he's thirsty!

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