Friday, April 15, 2016

12 Week Bumpdate

After an almost 2 1/2 year hiatus doing bumpdates, I am back!!

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I started doing all of Jackson's posts the second I found out I was pregnant... fast forward 3 years and it's a miracle if I can find the time to actually sit down and blog once a month :/ Anyway, one of the reasons I blog is for baby book purposes and since I did bumpdates/big baby announcement posts for Jackson, I want to do the same for S.B.B. (Super Bowl Baby -- can you guess where I got the nickname? :P) -- I'm sure that both of them couldn't care less when the time comes, but you never know...

Without further ado, here is my 12 week bumpdate:

Jax and I were at the park all morning with friends, so please excuse the no makeup/ponytail look that has become my life!
How far along: 12 weeks, 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: To be completely honest, I have no desire to step on a scale (in fear of freaking myself out)... I am definitely getting more of a stomach on me this time around (WAY different from Jax) and am already noticing myself looking heavier in both my thighs and butt. 

Maternity clothes: Not yet... but I do live in loose shirts and belt-less jeans! 

Stretch marks: Nope! I didn't get any with Jax (thank you, good genetics!) and am hoping S.B.B. is just a generous. 

Sleep: Sleep? What is this sleep that you speak of? I guess that overall, it hasn't been too bad... I'm just up multiple times a night using the restroom. Lucky for me, Jax is still a pretty good napper, so I try to take advantage every day by laying down to nap with him... It's my saving grace! 

Best moment last week: Hmm... if I can think back that far... Probably just the gorgeous weather we've been having and being able to spend so much time outside with Jackson and friends! 

Movement: Not yet... BUT a few weeks ago I did feel my stomach hardening and when I looked down, I had an obscure, tumor looking thing popping out of my lower stomach. There is definitely something (hopefully a baby) in there!

Food cravings/aversions: Weeks 7-10, I had a hard time eating anything... it. was. rough. The only things I could really stomach were yogurt, fruit, crackers, Ginger Ale, and basically nothing else. Now, however, I am feeling much, much better and have started cooking again, as well as have hardcore cravings for tacos, nachos, ice cream, yogurt, fruit, gummies, and biscuits and gravy. 

Gender: Brandon and I definitely both have our opinions, but will be happy with whatever we have! I did have a dream the other night that we were having a girl...

Labor signs: Noooo, thank goodness! 

Belly button - in or out? In. 

What I miss: Having the energy to do the things I used to do! Jax and I like being on-the-go all the time, but that definitely hasn't been happening for the last 5 weeks... one of my friends is a few weeks further along than I am and said she's finally getting her energy back, so hopefully mine also makes its appearance again soon! 

What I am looking forward to: Oh, so many things! We're visiting Brandon's family in Bismarck next month, my mom and I are going to Vegas for our second "Annie's pregnant, let's go to Vegas to see shows and eat buffet food" trip, and we meet with our real estate agent later today :D Exciting things are happening! 

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