Friday, April 29, 2016

14 Week Bumpdate

Well I can honestly say that I'm beginning to feel more and more pregnant...

Aside from cravings (more on that below), I have had TERRIBLE pregnancy brain... now, I will admit that I can be flaky and forgetful, but this is just downright ridiculous. For example, last weekend Jax and I went to my parent's so we could participate in the local Pinewood Derby... anyway, my brother was off Sunday and Monday and came up as well and as we were sitting around talking, we got on the topic of funny commercials and I went off on this big thing about "Hey, do you remember when you lived with Brandon and me in 2013 and there was this hilarious commercial we watched with dancing gnomes?" Needless to say, he had no idea what I was talking about and I literally spent the next HOUR Googling 'funny car commercials with gnomes 2013.' Google didn't know what the hell I was talking about and it was the most frustrating thing ever... Finally, it hit me -- it wasn't a car commercial; it was for the Droid HTC (I knew there was an acronym in there somewhere, but convinced myself it was for a car).

Ladies and gentlemen; I give you the commercial:

Had I just remembered that the commercial featured Robert Downey, Jr. (or had I just dropped it like a rational person), I could have saved so much time... 

Anyway, here's everything else that happened last week!

How far along: 14 weeks, 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I was pleasantly surprised at the Dr.'s office when I discovered I've only gained 5 pounds... it feels/looks like a lot more!

Maternity clothes: No... just sweats. 

Stretch marks: Nooooooo.

Sleep: Not too shabby this week! I still have to get up a few times a night to potty, but I've actually been able to fall right back asleep. I am also happy to report that Jax has been sleeping very well in his bed. (If we remember to move him from our bed before we fall asleep.)

Best moment last week: Seeing beautiful S.B.B.! It was amazing how much he/she grew and changed in 4 short weeks... you could perfectly make out the outline of his/her perfect little head and body! The little wiggle worm even waved a few times, causing Jackson to wave back... cutest thing ever! Here's a few snapshots of the little munchkin:
"Hi Jackson!"
Such a little wiggle worm -- we were able to see him/her moving the second they placed the wand on my stomach.

First time with a 3D ultrasound... I told Brandon the baby looks exactly like him (he didn't think it was funny).

Movement: I *thought* I felt something yesterday, but it may have just been a fluke... Stay tuned.

Food cravings/aversions: MAJOR cravings for Beef & Broccoli, fruit, pizza, and rhubarb pie (which I STILL haven't gotten). As far as aversions go, I can't stand raw veggies, which is a bummer since I've always been a big kale and spinach eater :/

Gender: We will find out next week :D

Labor signs: No! 

Belly button - in or out? In. 

What I miss: Overall, I'm pretty content this week... my only complaint is that the stiff neck I woke up with Sunday morning isn't going away.

What I am looking forward to: Enjoying a quiet weekend at home before visiting family in North Dakota!

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